Professional, committed, and a GEM

This is an appreciation post for Lulwa Al Hidiq, who helped us prepare a response for Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL) issued for our PR application. When we received a PFL for our application, the deadline to submit the response was very tight (10 days), and the holiday period had begun. No one was ready to take the case without seeking an extension of the deadline. However, Lulwa went above and beyond and worked with us through the holiday period, keeping aside her own constraints and prioritizing our case over anything. She paid close attention to our issue and gave us genuine advice that helped us proceed thoughtfully in our application. We were extremely stressed over our case, but after interacting with her, we were confident that we are proceeding in the right direction. After one month, of submitting the response to our PFL, we received a favorable decision on our PR application. Thank you, Lulwa for everything! What seemed like a distant possibility at the time of receiving the PFL, came true with your help and support.
I would recommend Lulwa, without any reservations, to anyone who is seeking advice or help in their immigration journey! She is a true GEM (Going Extra Mile) for you.

Isha Sharma

Altoria Immigration has great service, honest and professional, they know their business well. I am grateful to Lulwa and her team for helping me, they always provided a prompt reply to my queries and I was reassured that the application was being completed to a high standard throughout. I would strongly recommend Lulwa and her team to anyone looking for immigration services.

carol sfeir

Altoria Immigration team help made the impossible possible!

Lulwa and her team worked diligently to help my brother.

My brother's application was declined to migrate to Canada 15 years ago. He suffered from health issues and needed his family love and support to keep him going.

Today, with the help of Lulwa and her team my brother is here in Canada as permanent resident thriving.

Alotria Immigration team made my family's dream come true!

Thank you very much!


Best decision we ever made

Working with Altoria is the best decision we ever made! A life changing decision that allowed us to make our Canadian dream come true. Throughout the process, Lulwa and Hassan were extremely professional, helpful, and always available to support. We couldn't have asked for a better team to work with. We highly recommend Altoria to anyone looking for support with their immigration to Canada.

Salah B.

Highly professional, thorough and understanding

Before contacting Altoria Immigration, I applied for a study permit alone and my application was rejected.
I approached a number of representatives but I was discouraged to reapply as I would likely get a second rejection. I am a mature applicant applying for a post-secondary Diploma.
A good friend had recommended Altoria immigration and I went ahead and contacted Lulwa. Lulwa took the time to understand my case, and knew exactly what was required to provide a strong application.
My case was challenging and very stressful, but Lulwa’s and Hassan’s support and guidance throughout the process put me at ease. They have been extremely professional, they ensured the right documents were submitted and they were very patient answering all my questions, and addressing my concerns and uncertainties.
My application to study in Canada has been approved, and I have Lulwa and Hassan to thank for that 🙂
I wish Altoria Immigration continued success.

Hadeel z

Professionalism, dedication and straight to the goal

My overall experience with Altoria was great:
- Everything went as planned from the beginning until achieving the goal!
- Taking care of every detail to avoid any unwanted surpise!
- Every single advice during the process was very useful.

Abbas Jaber

Excellent Service

Thank you for you great service Lulwa for my son to gain permanent status in Canada. I highly recommend anyone seeking immigration status. Lulwa was amazing and helped us through every step. I appreciate your kind support and patience.

Ramkelawan Singh

Thank you for every thing!

I'm really pleased that Lulwa was the one to take care of my documents. Throughout my application, she was honest, accurate, and was ready to walk the extra mile. Lulu provided me with the necessary information to submit my application and was keen to complete the application on time.
Lulua and her team are organized, and this must have played a major role in issuing the study permit very quickly.
I wish her and her team more prosperity and progress.

Jumana and Fouad AR

Choosing Altoria was the best decision!

My case was extremely difficult with a very slim chances of getting a positive result but Ms. Lulwa made the entire process so much smoother for me. They are extremely thorough and very professional. The strong support that I received from them made my life so much easier. They will completely immerse themselves in your shoes and give you the best advice. They helped me stay back in Canada and I will be forever grateful for that. I will highly recommend Altoria Immigration to anyone who is looking for immigration support. Choosing them really was one of the best decisions for me!



My experience with Altoria Immigration was immensely useful. My case was really delicate and extremely rare, to the point where many lawyers couldn't help and never seen such a case before. Lulwa and the team were really beneficial as they were always supporting me and ready to answer any question I had. With their help I was able to put together the best dossier with the tiniest details, for my application to be accepted. Thanks to Lulwa, I am now in Canada and she made it possible, with a case as complex.

jad baba

Professional, Helpful and Knowledgeable - PRTD

Working with Altoria Immigration was the best decision I took. Even with a very special case like mine they were able to look into all the details and determine the best way to go about it. All consultants at Altoria Immigration were very helpful and answered all our questions in very timely manners. Everyone here was always ready to help even after completing the work. Putting your future in the hands of Altoria Immigration is a very safe bet. I would most definitely recommend anyone working with them in immigration cases no matter the complexity of the case.

Karim Baba

Thorough, professional, excellent turnaround time and very proactive

My experience with Altoria Immigration has been nothing but immensely useful. Putting together a package for my father's application through the H&C category for not a small feat. Lulwa's team methodically and throughly collected all the required documents guiding my family through each step to reach the end successfully. It was very easy to communicate and the turnaround time for responses to emails and phone calls was amazing. Altoria Immigration was with me through all the stressful situations getting us extension of deadlines, extension of temporary visas, guidance around medical exams and every other minor detail.
Lulwa was very helpful, friendly and compassionate in her dealings and I am beyond grateful for everything she has done for my father and myself.
I have had no hesitation in referring all my close friends and families to Lulwa and her team for any immigration related questions, consultations and help.

Supriya Kulkarni

Straightforward, professional, and experienced

I have been working with Altoria before I came to Canada since 2016. They were able to help me apply for a study permit, then a work permit, and finally the permanent residence, and it is because of them that my PR was issued. They were very thorough in preparing all of my applications. They always made sure that the requirements are met and the supporting documents were present before applying to any application. In short, they are honest, professional, and experienced people who are committed to serve and advice their client. So for me I rate them 10/10.

Mostafa Zeidan
Toronto, Ontario

Positive environment, full committment

Very Professional, committed, and supportive.

Bouchra dennaoui

Highly recommended! In-depth knowledge & expertise. Trustworthy & prompt with solutions.

We've had a delightful experience dealing with Ms. Lulwa Al Hidiq at Altoria Immigration & Business Consulting. Lulwa has been extremely prompt, clear in communication & patiently answered all our queries and offered appropriate solutions. Due to her in-depth knowledge, expertise as well as timely and able guidance, we've managed to receive confirmation of our permanent residence quicker than we ever imagined and we look forward to this significant next step in our lives. We feel a deep sense of gratitude towards Lulwa for all her efforts in helping us through such a significant time in our lives. We have recommended her to our friends and acquaintances and we shall gladly continue to do so. Thank you for everything!

Carol Olympus

Express Entry

Ms Lulwa is very professional, deeply knowledgeable , reliable and honest. She gave me clear idea about the whole process from the beginning. Also she was very careful and attentive about the documents. Her guidance and support was very valuable throughout the process. I had a very good experience with Altoria immigration. Thank you

British Columbia

Immigration.. Simplified

Me and my wife arrived in Canada about a year ago with a work permit in the field of medicine. We wanted to obtain a Permanent Resident status and needed some help in finalising our online application. We got all the guidance that was necessary to complete our application process and got our PR cards in less than a year of coming to Canada. I strongly recommended the services provided by Altoria Immigration.

Ameya Kulkarni

Very Professional & fast

Lulwa was very helpful during the whole process of spousal sponsorship application which is very complicated, I am glad that I selected her as my case representative. Lulwa was very professional and she has deep knowledge of immigration law's & she represents the case in the perfect manner and because of which we got our application approved within 4 months.
I will definitely recommend Altoria immigration for all your immigration needs.

Ankit Jethaliya

This is a very professional and passionately committed immigration consulting firm. Their word is 'good enough to cash in the bank'as they live their talk.

I am so impressed and proud to recommend this consultancy firm to anyone who requires honest and straightforward guide towards successful immigration services in Canada. They are very meticulous with details and will guide you all the way through ...and in record time too! That explains the very popular adage: "nothing good come cheap or easy". Don't be scared at the service fees because it's worth the great services you will enjoy!


Altoria, The best place to invest in your future!

Me and my family were granted our permanent residency through Altoria Immigration firm, credit goes specially to the Kindest woman ever, Lulwa, she knows everything!, whatever your case is complicated, she will find a solution, couldn’t have done it without her.

Khalil El Rifai
Nova Scotia

Honest, clear, fast to reply, and know what they doing

I dealt with this company and my case was very complicated.
The person I dealt with was a friendly caring and knew exactly what she was doing. Price was fair and service was great. I recommend this company to all people who like to have their cases to be done right.

Majid kuba

Trust, credibility, follow up

I think, your company making a great job by helping people to come to Canada and show them the right and good way.
Thank you All and especial thanks to Lulwa Al Hidiq

Seraj Slfata
British Columbia

Service beyond expectations "The Best Immigration Consultancy"

Altoria Immigration is one of the best immigration consultancy I’ve ever found. Ms Lulwah is very good and knowledgeable in everything that has to do with immigration. If you need help she's there, if you need guidance she's there, and she's very reasonable and helpful. I highly recommend her for all your immigration needs. She helped me get our permanent resident status in Canada.

Khaja Pasha

Highly Qualified Immigration Consultant

It was a pleasure having Lulwa represent my case at IAD. Lulwa is definitely a highly qualified immigration consultant who has demonstrated extreme professionalism throughout. You are dealing with someone who is knowledgeable, extremely reliable, very organised and honest, and gives her full attention even to the smallest details. She asks clever questions and her work is top quality. She set a clear plan right from the beginning, ensuring that we were ready every step of the way, and prepared me well for the hearing. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Osama Atieh

Quality Immigration services offered with ease!

I choose Altoria immigration on referal basis. Ms. Lulwa was extremely helpful with my PR process, probably the most honest firm i have ever worked with. I am blown away by the support and guidance she provided during the process. I received my PR confirmation letter 2 months after application! She is awesome, and you have come to the best!


Complete PR application - Spousal Sponsorship

Extremely impressed with the way they have provided their guidance and support. Lulwa was very professional and informative through out the whole process of my wife's Permanent Residency application. She did a really great job by assisting me with all the documentation. I highly recommend Altoria Immigration for any type of immigration services.

Abdul Majeed
Alberta, Canada


Ms. Lulwa was very professional and helped us to organize our papers and other evidence as well as present it in the best possible way. She was always available to answer our questions. She prepated us for the interview at the embassy and it went very smoothly. Thank you!

Talal Khabbaz


As a lawyer who used to work in Dubai under its highly business standards environment, and from my experience dealing with Altoria Immigration submitting my application to Canada, I can emphasize that Altoria Immigration is:

1- Highly qualified and professional in what they are doing,
2- Result oriented,
3- Problems solver "in case of any",
4- Organized,
5- Transparent and honest,
6- All of that without waiving any of their work ethics or their professional courtesy.

Altoria Immigration is 100 % recommended

Hisham Abu Qoura

Honesty is what makes this firm stand out

What makes this firm stand out is "Honesty" beside the professional attitude of its consultants, although our case "me & my fiance" was not the easiest one, we immediately noticed the total dedication in their work, putting our interests before everything else and working hard to find solution for each challenge we've come across, which made us feel we are in safe hands.
We feel lucky that we chose to work with Altoria Immigration, a trustworthy place for your time and money.

Hossam Aboukoura

Hossam Aboukoura

Amazing immigration services

The only thing I can say , you are dealing with angels they take care of your case like a family member and they treat you with kindness and respect.

Salam Aljanabi

Mrs. Perfect

I am pleased and super impressed with all the work, one of the best lawyers I found so far in Canada. Now I have a crystal clear understanding of my future. Thank you for staying with me in hard times, best decision I made by choosing her.

Pradeep Kumar Yalamanchi

Very professional and quality services were offered.

Very detailed , professional and quality services were provided.
Supportive at every step.
Really recommend to everyone as work done is really good.

Anuj Sharma

A positive Expereince


I used the services of Altoria immigration after being referred to by my friend. My friend was very much satisfied with the services this office provided.
And guess what ?
Also in my case I was 100 % satisfied by the honesty, by the fast service, by the knowledgeable team, and of course by the fulfillment of the requested service.
So my experience with this office forces to give Altoria Immigration an "A+"

moujab zeidan

The Most trusted immigration service....

I am really glad that I select altoria immigration as my consultant for my immigration purpose, I just handover my case and then I don’t have to worry about it, Lulwa Al Hidiq is doing her work so professionally. I wish her all the best for her success.

sajid m shaikh

Simply Great!!

From my experience, I believe that Altoria Immigration handles each case with great care, giving it the necessary time and effort. Management at Altoria is professional, helpful, dynamic, thorough, proactive, and most importantly genuine and trustworthy.

Ghida Toukan

Reliable and professional

One of the best decisions I made was choosing Altoria Immigration. I'm very lucky to have met Ms.Lulwa Al Hidiq. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. She definitely changed one of the most stressful experience into a very pleasant one. She gave me a plan from the first time we met, and she made sure we were ready every step of the way. I truly recommend reaching out to Lulwa as she will make sure you don't miss anything. She is very reliable and takes her work very seriously. I always felt I was in good hands. Thank you Lulwa, you dedication is inspiring.

Mana Abbas

Non Commercial

It's a combination of words professional, very honest, have familiarity knowledge of all the laws and regulations of Canada, perfect follow ups and marvellous feedbacks and render great services.

Joumana Akl

Proactive, effective, and efficient.

Altoria Immigration is definitely the best place to go to. I wish I have known Ms.Lulwa Al Hidiq before. She knows exactly what to do even in the most complicated cases. She is willing to answer any question at any time. Honesty, friendly and efficiency are what made us choose Altoria Immigration among all the other companies. In brief, my husband and I have chosen Altoria Immigration to be our representative and we highly recommend that it would be your choice too.

Zeinab El Khansa