Altoria Immigration & Business Consulting Inc. Fees

Altoria Immigration & Business Consulting Inc. Fees

We understand that you have alot of questions and need guidance and answers to your queries. Rest assured, we can help you at any stage of your immigration process.

To initiate this process, send us your question via email to initiate an Initial Consultation Agreement – ICA, to discuss your case.

You can also schedule an appointment via

The purpose of the ICA is for the RCIC (a) to learn about you and your immigration needs based on the information you provide; (b) to answer your questions to the best of our ability; (c) to identify your options and to the extent possible, analyse the costs and benefits of those alternatives; (d) to help you determine your course of action, if any; (e) to discuss our fees and terms of representation if a consultant-client relationship is to be established after the meeting; and (f) to determine the next steps in the process, as appropriate.

The initial consultation is non-refundable and will represent professional fees in relation to the matters mentioned above.  It will be paid upon signing this Initial Consultation Agreement and prior to scheduling a meeting; payments can be made online but alternative arrangements can be accommodated. Our billing is based on the value that is being created for our clients.

The following online secure payment is via Stripe.

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